Dateline Dateline Dateline

Engage deeper with your customers

Are you reaching out to your customer? And do they feel that you are intruding into their privacy?…

Here is the opportunity to look at the customer engagement from a difference lens.

At Clayfin, we looked at what triggers an action from a customer. And answer was simple… It is an event that triggers the action. So, we designed Dateline an enterprise wide event aggregation and notification product. This allows the bank to aggregate various events from their customers’ life and present it to them along with the most relevant actions.


Key Features

Using the calendar as its interface, Dateline allows the Bank’s customers to:

  • Go to specific event or specific date to view the event details and take relevant action which could be
    1. A financial transaction (make a payment / transfer money / buy a gift).
    2. A non-financial transaction (place an enquiry / send a message / subscribe to a promotion).
  • Look at historic events which can also include financial transactions performed by the user from Channel. This coupled with elaborate filter option, the customer can enquire about their past transactions.

Dateline can synchronize with the Device Calendar to ensure all events are pushed to the customers’ calendar and marked, so that they can track them.

Bank can publish APIs which can be consumed by Third Parties, to provide meaningful actions for each notification and increase the transaction velocity.

Key Benefits

  • Makes transactions more conversational and increases engagement velocity.
  • Makes banking more personal as it channelizes deep learning metrics into actionable alerts.
  • Allows customer to do myriad transactions from one place – from wishing and gifting friends to financial transactions.
  • Send targeted offers to customers instead of generic, no value marketing messages.
  • Enables the Bank to have a deep and meaningful lifetime engagement with the customer.

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