• Seamless Digital Onboarding Helps Banks for Safety, Growth and Success!

In today's challenging market, it is important that financial institutions offer safe contactless services not only to their existing customers, but also to their prospects. Traditionally, onboarding a new customer or even an existing customer to a new product has been a high-touch area in the Financial Services Industry. The experience that you provide during the onboarding process will affect customers' brand perception, and future business. However, due to various challenges in the legacy environment, banks are not able to provide "that great experience" to newly acquired customers.

In the conventional environment, the onboarding process starts with filling up a form and completes with opening an account. However, in the modern context, onboarding is much beyond this - it is a way of providing "great experience" for a new customer, to lay the foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

Banks should really introspect these questions to review their onboarding processes:

Customers love their own devices. Do you drive an omnichannel experience for your customers, across devices?

From application to onboarding, do you ensure transparency and make status information available?

Can your digital onboarding process go beyond just form filling? Can that facilitate product exploration and easy product selection?

Are you able to identify your customer onboarding as a process providing great "customer experience"?

At Clayfin, our perspective goes beyond just automating the conventional processes. Digital Onboarding starts from product exploration and, helps customers choose the right product before even starting with the form filling process. At the other end, we provide a seamless omnichannel onboarding experience all the way to fulfillment. Our highly tailorable solution offers cutting-edge technology, automated processes, and easy workflows. It works on your existing digital channels and adapts to the onboarding processes in your local markets.

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  • Completely Digitized processes
  • Reduced acquisition costs
  • Product catalogue discoverability
  • Seamless integration with the existing channels
  • Timely updates and Transparency
  • Full adherence to regulatory framework