Helping banks and financial institutions craft omnichannel digital experiences to enrich customer life journeys.

Clayfin is a leading provider of Digital Banking solutions for Retail, Corporate and SME banking businesses. Starting our journey nearly 2 decades ago, we were the pioneers to offer Internet Banking solutions. In the rapidly evolving digital world, Clayfin assists banks to nurture and grow close ties with customers through a superior and seamless omnichannel experience. Our product philosophy has been to deliver simple, pervasive, secure and relevant solutions to Bank customers. This in turn helps Banks to grow their revenue by improving customer acquisition, engagement, transaction and management competences.

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Brand Philosophy

The name – Clayfin – is inspired by the Craftsmanship that comes from curiosity, creativity and focus. Like the great thinkers and scientists Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison, Clayfin’s Craftsman connect with the child within; the child who is never afraid to ask, “why not”? The colourful clay in the hands of our inner child becomes a playground for curiosity, imagination and fun. These attributes help us unlock our immense potential to impact the Fintech ecosystem.


Journey from Internet Banking Solution Provider to Omnichannel Digital Banking Experience Partner


Inception with 2 big names in Indian Market. Launch of Internet Banking.


Expanded into Middle East. Launch of Mobile Web Banking.


Acquired new customers in India, Middle East and Africa. Launch of Mobile Banking.


Introduction of New Omnichannel Banking Platform. Launch of Tablet / Wearable / API Banking.


Expanded into South East Asia. Launch of SME Banking.