Capturing Value from the “Open Banking” Revolution

  Who could have pegged Bill Gates with making prophetic predictions? Way back in 1994, when Bill Gates said, “Banking is necessary, banks are not”, such a bold statement sounded quite forthcoming, but rather it has served as the beginning of the transformation of the banking industry. Today, banking services are no longer the exclusive... Read more

Personal Finance Management (PFM) 2.0: A Key Tool for Todays Banks and Financial Institutions

Reverse Dwindling Customer Contact and Regain Customer Loyalty with the Reinvented Personal Finance Management Platform As the world tries to deal with COVID-19, we see citizens, governments and businesses impacted in ways that were hard to imagine a few months ago. Enforced social distancing, unprecedented fiscal/monetary stimulus from governments, drastic fall in energy prices, mass... Read more

Revolutionizing Customer Experience with Digital Customer Onboarding

  In this challenging economic scenario, banks must create a differentiating strategy that can help them stand out from the crowd. Focusing on offering a superior customer experience is clearly a winning strategy especially as 38% of customers, according to research by Deloitte, consider user experience (UX) the most important criterion when choosing a digital... Read more

No second chance for a First Impression!

Customers expect to be impressed when opening their Bank accounts – after all, the relationship is for a long period, especially involving their finances. Customer Lifecycle Management is an extremely critical part of running a financial institution successfully and  this journey begins with a customer getting on boarded into a new business eco-system i.e. applying... Read more

Nature’s Push to Go Digital

After Demonetization in India that happened in November 2016, probably the next biggest compelling step towards a digital economy is driven by the efforts to tackle Corona Virus. Words like Social Distancing, Contactless Interactions, Hand Sanitization has had a ripple effect on banking practices. While the first one was man made, the second one is part... Read more

“Experience” is the Product!

Banking today runs on pure technology. In fact, there is more technology managed in banking today, than in technology companies themselves. Almost every banking organization is taking a plunge to go digital. Technology has a great tendency to obfuscate complex processes, bottlenecks, and complexities to bring – in Data Democracy. As a result of which,... Read more

Transforming into Social Banking – New Mantra for Banks to Connect with Millennials!

The world breathes on social media today. Almost every waking moment, people are on one or the other platform, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, TikTok, Messenger and the list goes on… The millennial generation enjoys this, and attaches a social framework to all their online interactions. Such a social experience now defines the... Read more
PFM Your daily expense notebook, powered by AI

PFM: Your daily expense notebook, powered by AI

Do you remember how your grandpa would meticulously note down every daily expense, right down to the toffee he got you? Or the handy little notebook your mom carried to ensure that your family didn’t overshoot the vacation budget? Well, that’s PFM aka Personal Finance Management in a nutshell. Think of a PFM tool as... Read more
Chatbot A Friend You Can Bank Upon

Chatbot: A Friend You Can Bank Upon

The digital banking space has always been a hotbed of tech innovation, with almost every new tool putting customer comfort and convenience at its core. And why not? After all, the customer is king. Wait. Scratch that. The New Age business idiom has changed – now, the customer is a comrade. Smart financial institutions are... Read more

Unravelling the Banking Experience Conundrum

Banking applications were always created in a void, or a vacuum, where the designers were far removed from the reality of the users / customers on the ground. At hindsight, it is humorous to even think that a few sets of people sitting in their ivory towers thought they could design a wholesome banking experience... Read more