Mobile banking: a new dawn for Bangladesh

Over the past few years, Bangladesh’s banking sector has seen great transformation. The advent of mobile banking has sparked a revolution, challenging traditions and presenting innovative opportunities. As of December 2022, the number of internet banking customers has crossed 6.2 million, marking a 40.83% increase compared to the previous year. This surge can be attributed to many factors.

Here’s a look at Bangladesh’s global perspective and how banks can target the new wave of customers in this ever-changing landscape.

Where does Bangladesh stand in the global perspective?

Bangladesh’s surge in mobile money adoption is part of a much bigger wave sweeping across the globe, particularly visible in the South and Southeast Asian regions. This trend points to a universal truth: a mix of supportive ecosystems, smart regulations, and strategic collaborations can drive financial inclusion. Countries leading in this domain showcase how effectively leveraging these elements can open up financial services to wider segments of the population, including the previously unbanked or underbanked.

In response to this global movement, Bangladesh has crafted the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) for the period of 2021 to 2026. This ambitious strategy is designed to broaden the access, usage, and overall quality of financial services across all demographics.

At the heart of this strategic push is Digital Financial Services (DFS), with a special emphasis on Mobile Financial Services (MFS). By capitalising on the widespread adoption and convenience of mobile technology, Bangladesh aims to enhance its citizens’ financial well-being and catalyse economic growth and development.

How can Bangladesh target the new wave of customers with m-banking capabilities?

Banks in Bangladesh can now capitalise on m-banking capabilities and new emerging technologies to cater to the new wave of customers.

What is to come next are generations of tech-savvy customers that demand convenience, innovation, and personalised experiences. To capture their attention and meet their unique needs, banks in Bangladesh can adopt the following strategies:

Hybrid Banking Experience:
Combine the physical and digital realms to deliver exceptional digital services that have the value adds of both physical and digital banking.

Exceptional Digital Services:
Customer Experience Matters! The new wave of customers prioritise customer experience. Hence, ensuring seamless, user-friendly, hyper-personalised interfaces across web and mobile platforms is crucial.

Collaboration with third-party service providers:
Collaborate with experienced companies to enhance mobile banking capabilities. Product-based solution providers often bring agility and innovation.

Value-Added Services:
Offer revolutionary solutions like personal finance management tools that will help track spending, set financial goals, and manage budgets with the help of valid and real-time data.

Mobile banking is a transformative force, not just a stepping stone. By adopting it, banks won’t just stay relevant; they’ll reshape the banking landscape for future generations, paving the way for new technologies.

What is the next move for banks in Bangladesh?

Envision a Bangladesh that stands tall on the global stage, renowned for its remarkable digital metamorphosis. In the present day, the country’s banking institutions possess the pivotal tools necessary to sculpt it into a digital haven. Through unwavering commitment to innovation and fostering collaborative endeavours, these banks are on the brink of transforming Bangladesh into a digital utopia, thereby establishing a groundbreaking benchmark for digital prowess worldwide and igniting inspiration for others to embark on a similar journey.

Bangladesh is actively driving forward a plethora of initiatives aimed at fortifying digital payment systems and accelerating the adoption of digital wallets. Spearheaded by initiatives like the National Digital Payments Roadmap, the government is steadfastly dedicated to cultivating a robust and secure digital payment infrastructure. This concerted effort aims to facilitate seamless transactions, diminishing reliance on conventional banking channels and propelling the nation into a future defined by digital resilience and agility.

However, this isn’t merely a vision confined to the realm of banking; it’s the very essence of Bangladesh’s future itself. Poised to shine brightly on the world map, Bangladesh is destined to emerge as an unparalleled beacon of digital innovation and financial empowerment, showcasing to the world the boundless possibilities that lie within the nexus of technology and human progress.

Subhranil Mazumdar

Subhranil Mazumdar has almost a decade of inside sales and account management expertise. He is Clayfin's Regional Sales Head for India and Southeast Asia. His commitment to helping clients grow their businesses and meet their goals and his broad knowledge of technical tools has resulted in multiple successful project executions.

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