You know what’s invariably a problem with the folks-on-the-go nowadays? Multi-tasking.

Hear me out.

There are, at times, 10 things occurring in parallel and that tends to create a mentality of prioritizing tasks and hustling to finish everything on time. The mind gets exhausted and what happens is that procrastination sets in.

So, if I have a task that isn’t pending for today, though I might have the time for it, I wouldn’t choose to do it today-mainly because it becomes a chore.

And another case that happens is that while in the middle of one task, I’d forget to do something else which could’ve been completed in parallel.

Though these aren’t ideal scenarios, they are a reality.

Case and point– I have an urgent payment that I need to do to a friend of mine and after some pestering (entirely debatable) I rush onto my Internet Banking to make the payment, complete it and log out. In the midst of that, I’d have forgotten about something else I’d have needed to do- for e.g, linking my Aadhar number with my account.

This happens. To every one of us. (Maybe not Aadhar, but similar instances)

This mindset of procrastination and forgetfulness is actually a very common factor in todays world. As a self-improvement, we can always look at changing ourselves but from a Bank’s perspective, you can’t always expect the customer to change or adapt. So, it’s about catering to your audience and evolving with them.

Now, taking a small pause there, one of our biggest helps when it comes to preventing us from forgetting tasks (other than going all Ghajini/ The Memento) is our mobile phone. That wonderful piece of creativity that led to the formation of the notifications bar wherein all relevant items are displayed. Pick up the dry cleaning. Book your doctor’s appointment for the 10th. It’s Sherry’s birthday in 3 days.

It’s an understated boon that really has become a part of the consumer’s life.

I wake up, first thing in the morning and I see 3 emails, 1 reminder, 2 Facebook reminders, 125 Whatsapp messages, 3 news notifications. I don’t miss a beat. Even If I go to the restroom, I’ll always be kept abreast of happenings through my phone’s notifications bar. A simple drag-down on the screen.

Now going back to that pause I’d kept earlier; wouldn’t it be brilliant to bring that notifications tab concept onto my internet/mobile banking?

I log in and all relevant information is pushed to me with actions to take on my landing page.

  • Thomas, your phone bill is due for the 15thPay now?
  • Thomas, your salary was credited. Shall we look at investing some in a new interesting Mutual Fund product? Invest now?
  • Thomas, your aadhar linking is pending. You’ve got only 1 month left to get that done. Link now?

This doesn’t even stop here, link your Facebook page and get the relevant info regarding Birthdays, anniversaries, events etc as well.

I’m kept on top of all my pending activities and I don’t miss a single beat.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What If I’m not a forgetful person and neither a procrastinating one as well? Then would it be relevant for me?

Think about it. What I’m talking about is a calendarized event aggregation across multiple forums to give the consumer a simplistic singular view of what’s pendingwhat’s completed and what’s to-do in the future. Coupling that with every item being actionable, the consumer can clear off all his items in one single screen without having the hassle of multiple page navigation.

It serves consumers of varying personas and is a help for all.

Customer Experience has evolved beyond colors, fonts and designs. It’s about giving the consumer, what they need based on their lifestyle and ensuring simplicity and relevance are holding fort as key pillars.

With the Clayfin, Dateline feature, Banks can make this thought a reality and bring the end-customers a key-tool to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline their daily banking activities. It is not just a notification feature but a platform for Banks to enhance their revenues by making the alerts actionable.

We, at Clayfin, design these customer experiences with our mentality to figure out what the customer is going to want before they themselves do.


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