Mobile First

In a generation where mobile is the most pervasive element, having a solution that can be mobile-first with all relevant features, is paramount. Responsive design and light-weight. Can’t be enunciated further!

Online Acquisition

Opening account just can’t become a hassle anymore. Like, seriously. If you make the initial barrier cumbersome, we’re in for a bumpy ride. Seamless, product viewing, finding the best-fit product, e-KYC verification and customer on-boarding complete. Voila.

Ease of use

First impression’s the ONLY impression, as per us. Flaunt the way you look and dress up. Inspiring user interface and experiences. Ensured reduced number of clicks, transparent navigation and most importantly, NO USER MANUAL required.


It’s not a myth, honestly. Ensuring consistency in data, features, design and communication between the Bank and Customer is absolutely crucial. Discount this at your own peril. We make a living off this.

Know your Customer

Personalization is the thought for the day. Contextually serving your customers and pushing only relevant campaigns to them as well as proposing the best-fit product to suit them is what they want from you. Tongue-tied much?

Engage Deeper

Game changer, supreme! Understand your customers – their spending behavior, their savings goals, their lifestyle etc. Then in turn help your customers in achieving what they need through innovative savings schemes like micro-savings.


Everyone’s got an opinion. They want to see their own mixed and matched version of the product, right? Let the customer select their native language, select their own UI themes, select their base currency and even select their menu structure and options.

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