We live in an age where information is available in microseconds with just the touch of a finger. Customers, especially in the financial sector have tremendous expectations from their financial partners. The age-old banks that used to help with money transactions and storage have become obsolete.

So what has changed? And how can financial institutions and banks make the shift to keep customers engaged?

With open banking initiatives on the rise, personal finance management platforms that analyze data and provide the right analytics to manage wealth are essential. Intuitive, data-backed, and intelligent financial tools are the need of the hour. and Clayfin’s PFM tools provides all that and more. Our platform leverages the latest technology to analyze data and predict customer behaviour. These insights provide a wealth of knowledge to customers and help them make intelligent financial decisions

The core of our PFM platform is built on understanding customers, analyzing the data, and predicting near-accurate forecasts. This will also allow you to run hyper-personalized campaigns that target the specific needs of the customer.

How does our PFM benefit customers of banks and financial institutions?

  • Provides a single 360-degree view of the entire financial landscape
  • Helps set realistic budgets and track expenses with timely alerts for overspending
  • Provides smart recommendations on spending patterns, future savings, and anticipated expenses
  • Helps to bring financial discipline through budgets and goal setting


Comprehensive Spend Analysis
Budgeting and Expense Tracking
Goal-Based Saving
Micro Savings

Multi-bank PFM

Consolidated net worth
Financial health check
Aggregated spend analysis & budgets

Social Banking

Translate transactions into memories
Easy splitting of expenses

Our delivery models


Experience Focused


Why choose Clayfin’s PFM?

  • The only PFM platform that provides you with intelligent upselling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Our customer engagement strategies have proven results in terms of percentage increase in customer acquisition
  • Our data scientists provide niche guidance and insights for campaign management intelligence
  • Extensive banking channel implementation experience across multiple geographies

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