BRAC Bank Enhances Digital Banking Experience



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    BRAC Bank, a private commercial bank in Bangladesh was on a path to improve their digitization capabilities. With offerings like SME, retail and wholesale banking, cards, Foreign Exchange, and more, it needed to augment its existing digital banking infrastructure to support the growing needs of its customers. The bank wanted to build robust digital platforms that reduced the need for customers to visit physical branches.

    Learn how Clayfin partnered with BRAC bank to help build a cutting-edge digital platform that would elevate the banking experience. Some benefits were:

    • More than 100,000 downloads of the banking app
    • Consistent ratings of 4.4 and above in the Google Play Store
    • 30% customer growth in less than a year
    • 100% growth in digital transaction numbers and volumes
    • 36% shift from manual transactions to digital channels

    To learn more about how Clayfin can help improve security, control, and convenience for your banking customers, download the case study now.

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