Clayfin, provider of Omnichannel Digital Banking Solutions for the Banking and Financial Services industry, announced the opening of a new office in Bengaluru. The Bengaluru office is designed to serve as a Business Continuity site for the Chennai delivery center and an expansion of Clayfin’s sales and marketing operations into Asean countries supporting its International sales office in Dubai.

On this occasion. Kannan Ramasamy, CEO mentioned “This year has been exciting in many ways. Our teams are firing on all cylinders. Our Bengaluru office expands our ability to attract engineering talent to accelerate the development of innovations conceived in collaboration with our clients.”

The Bengaluru office will be Clayfin’s fourth Global office. They have offices currently in Dubai, Massuchusets and Chennai.

Adding on, Rajesh BLN, Chief Sales Officer, Clayfin said “We have growth momentum with new deals offering us a timely opportunity to expand our team to meet client needs. We have been keen on opening an office in Bengaluru – a cool place with loads of talent in engineering and solutioning.”

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