Leverage Spinach as the Next-Gen CDP



  15 – 16 April, 2024

   Melia, Hanoi


    The Global Customer Data Platform Market size is expected to reach $20.5 billion by 2027 and Vietnam is following similar trends. With the increasing emphasis on customer-centric strategies, banks are increasingly adopting CDPs to try and meet growing customer demands. CDPs are certainly helping banks in Vietnam a great deal with managing and protecting fragmented customer data, and consolidating customer data for broad marketing and sales strategies.

    But what about the customer’s need for a hyper-personalisation with financial well-being guidance and the banks’ need for targeted marketing campaigns?

    Introducing Spinach – An enhanced version of Customer Data Platform. Spinach stands out for its comprehensive feature list. Its user-centricity, personalised financial insights, goal-oriented features, pleasant and engaging UI, User Persona analysis in the admin module takes CDP a step forward. While CDPs are essential in a bank’s business strategy, Spinach offers hyper-personalised experiences to customers and comprehensive financial insights of customers to banks.

    Spinach’s Unique Feature List

    Transaction categorisation

    Categorised based on user’s past preferences

    Multi-bank connectivity

    Provides consolidated view of customer relationships across institutions

    Rich bank Dashboards

    Spending patterns, competition analysis, & customer behaviour for cross-selling

    Cash forecasting

    Uses ML tools to help users in financial planning

    Product recommendations

    Uses customer pattern to help banks recommend products

    Anonymous aggregation

    Done based on peer group comparison for personalised insights

    The upcoming World Financial Innovation Series is happening in Melia Hanoi, Vietnam on April 15–16, 2024 and is expected to host over 500 technology and business leaders from leading banks, insurance, and microfinance institutions across locations. We are excited to exhibit as one of the solution providers at the conference. We look forward to networking with industry leaders, businesses, and innovators. Will you be attending Vietnam’s largest FinTech conference? Don’t forget to say hello to our team at booth E1.

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