Capturing Value from the “Open Banking” Revolution

  Who could have pegged Bill Gates with making prophetic predictions? Way back in 1994, when Bill Gates said, “Banking is necessary, banks are not”, such a bold statement sounded quite forthcoming, but rather it has served as the beginning of the transformation of the banking industry. Today, banking services are no longer the exclusive... Read more

Transforming into Social Banking – New Mantra for Banks to Connect with Millennials!

The world breathes on social media today. Almost every waking moment, people are on one or the other platform, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, TikTok, Messenger and the list goes on… The millennial generation enjoys this, and attaches a social framework to all their online interactions. Such a social experience now defines the... Read more

Banking without Interface

“Hello!!! Howdie??” Me: “I’m good… What’s up today?” “Hey your phone bill is due today. Do you want to pay it now?” Me: “Thanks for reminding. Yes please” “From which account?” Me: “hmmm.. From my salary account” “OK… Done. By the way, it’s David’s birthday next week. Do you want to send him a gift?”... Read more

Bot in the Branch

As kids, we grew up with Giant Robot and Johnny Sokko, a TV series that captured the fantasy of an entire generation. We all loved to emulate Johnny’s voice commands to his watch, and the resultant aerobics of his obedient Giant Robot. Robots of today might not be capable of the spectacular muscle power of... Read more

What’s your blood group?

Technology has revolutionized the way we interact, the way we transact, the way we communicate and has permeated into every other facet of our lives. It has rattled up and disrupted many business models beyond recognition and has forced business leaders to wake up and redefine the way they engage with their customers. Banking, is... Read more

Open Sesame

We all must have read Alibaba and 40 thieves from our childhood days, a story filled with fascinating details about the merchant’s exploits in the deserts. What holds our special interest is the magic cave that used to respond to a verbal password “Open Sesame”, thereby providing a gateway to a room filled with incredible... Read more