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Corporates prefer to spend their efforts on core business, depending on their banks to handle finances. Clayfin helps banks understand every finance-related role within the organisation and cater to corporate needs, enabling them to take financial decisions, replicate workflows or execute transactions.

Channel Banking Products

Internet Banking

Corporate Banking is a multi-leg process with varied needs across corporates. Unlike retail, each corporate may have their own specific requirements, right from what type of organisation structure should be supported to how transactions should be authorized to how accounts should be debited and what should be shown in the Narration.

At Clayfin we understand needs of your corporate customers. Clayfin’s Corporate Internet Banking Platform offers you the flexibility to cater to specific needs of corporate customers and it lets corporate customers work together on financial reporting, transferring funds, initiating and authorising payments, from anywhere, anytime. You can also support customers’ international business with Trade and Forex.

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Mobile Banking

As businesses expand beyond geographical boundaries, mobility in corporate banking is a must have feature. Given the complexity of corporate transactions and the limited real estate on mobile, one has to carefully design the relevant customer experience on mobile. Clayfin’s Corporate Mobile Banking is designed for the decision makers. Finance managers can check balances across their group companies, get notified about transactions and approve transactions on the go.

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API Banking

Embed yourself in the customers’ world. Instead of customers interacting with their ERP systems and bank’s channels separately, Clayfin’s Corporate Banking APIs handle banking directly from the ERP. These secure APIs can be integrated within Corporate ERP system to fetch balances, initiate transactions and retrieve transaction statuses.

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Corporate Connectors

In large corporates, it’s difficult to change ERP interfaces to suit the formats of financial institutions. With Clayfin’s Corporate Connectors, you can adapt to the format your corporate uses. It transforms and validates data, converts file formats and securely transports it across ecosystems. And this entire process can be Straight-through (STP) without any manual intervention.

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