Make the Most of Banking Ecosystem Changes to  Reinvent PFM for your Customer

From notebook entries and excel sheets to digital tools, Personal Finance Management (PFM) has transitioned over time. While older generation PFM tools faced low adoption due to multiple challenges including a disconnected user experience and an incomplete view of finances, technological and legal changes in the BFSI landscape now enable more sophisticated PFM tools—exactly what your bank needs to transform static product offerings into engaging digital products that glean all-important customer insights.

Multiple features for end-to-end financial lifestyle management

Personal Finance Management


  • Spend analysis
  • Goal-based saving
  • Micro-savings
  • Budgeting and tracking

Multi-bank PFM


  • Consolidated view of your customers’ net worth, across accounts
  • Financial health check
  • Spend analysis
  • Budgets
  • Investment advisory

Social Banking


  • Translate transactions into memories
  • Easy splitting of expenses
  • Social contributions for good karma
  • Tagging/sharing with friends

Family Banking


  • Creation and maintenance of family financial structures
  • Budgeting and tracking of family finance
  • Co-creation of goals with family members
  • Delegation of payments within the family

What sets Clayfin’s Financial Lifestyle Management Platform apart?

Enhanced financial visibility

With a 360-degree view of all their accounts on one platform, your customers are able to plan and budget efficiently

Customer empowerment

Actionable insights and an easy cash flow summary and forecast helps promote smarter spending among your customers

Customised solutions

Help your customer plan better and manage spends effectively by providing personalized alerts and recommendations

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