Reimagine your customer’s world

Imagine a world where people engage with their banks the same way they spend time with family or enjoy a laugh with friends. Where saving is easy and spending is smart and every financial decision, within families or organisations, big or small, brings a smile to the customer’s face.

At Clayfin, we segregate the digital banking experience platform from the presentation on the devices. Clayfin’s Digital Banking Experience Platform is a playground for banks to craft contextual omnichannel digital banking experiences. It is developed as a Platform with Purpose, designed to provide the advantage of both the Product and the Platform in a single solution.

As a product, it offers pre-configured workflows for various banking products such as CASA, Cards, Loans, Deposits, Payments, Bulk Payments, etc. Apart from the standard products, it also offers various engagement tools such as Dateline and Personal Finance Manager to enhance the customer experience and deepen engagement.

As a platform, it provides a workbench for banks to design the segment-specific experience in terms of the UX template to be used for the products and services offered, including setting up security rules, transaction limits, fees and charges, and more. In case of corporate customers, this further extends to approval matrices, file formats, processing of debits and so on, that can be fine-tuned at each customer level.

Clayfin’s Digital Banking Experience Platform delivers the contextual omnichannel experience to your customers.