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Digital Banking Experience Platform

Reimagine your customer’s world

Imagine a world where people engage with banks the same way they spend time with family or enjoy a laugh with friends. A world where every financial decision, big or small, brings a smile to the customer.

Clayfin’s Digital Banking Experience Platform lets you reimagine banking by delivering contextual omnichannel experience to your customers…. Learn more

Clayfin - Retail Banking Retail Banking Retail Banking


Enhance your customer’s digital lifestyle

Bring the bank into every stage of the customer’s life journey by managing convenience and connections through a single environment. With Clayfin, you can create a contextual, relevant and seamless omnichannel experience…. Learn more

Clayfin - Corporate Banking Corporate Banking Corporate Banking


Be a partner to your corporate customer’s success story

Corporates prefer to spend their efforts on core business, depending on their banks to handle finances. Clayfin helps banks understand every finance-related role within the organisation and cater to corporate needs, enabling them to take financial decisions, replicate workflows or execute transactions. Learn more